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Post by Lowen Quicksilver on Mon Feb 29, 2016 11:37 pm

-Nightmare houses watch in pieces-
-Burn up machine a walking disease unafraid and down again-
-Rabbits at the gates, Lead to doomsday phantoms-
-Rip the seal and notice the pain in your nightmare-
-possessed fanatics plea the feverish ignorant cannot see-
-invite delusion in a mortuary, overturn, man of steel introvert-
-from desert ice raining glass-
-shake me in your object grasp-
-Dressed in red thus it's beating heart-
-Blank is your reaction to the siege-
-all views unaware again rebuild the central brain-
Precious fulfillment through the way,chant remembrance.. only flesh is decay
Indicate, transcend, interpret on divine fertile ground.Original, inventive and of eternal wisdom.
survival. at hand sudden shock, they see and tempt the revealing cause
-Be it monomaniac disturbing relaying hell itself, holding, ticking look inside-
-fallen character forever gone hope for truth now burning flowers-
whispering, the fall morning color stranger than licking faces.
-Your head deranged in a vision, stone ashes-
-announce your death avoid decay, pestilence change with groans a bloodshot thinking brain-
-words misused. does it matter? a cry to break down the blood flow through icy shells, the day of indecision singe my face-

what do you think?
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