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Post by Lowen Quicksilver on Wed Feb 24, 2016 6:13 pm

What does Eclectic mean?

An eclectic person is someone who has a wide range of interests and tastes. They often pool together those interests from a wide variety of places and can have trouble finding a place where they can belong. This is a place where such people can meet and share their interests with each other.
This is also a place for the outsider to expand their world and find their own style.

Instead of a forum that revolves around a single or handful of subjects, this is a forum for the people and it's focus is close to my heart.

Expanding your world, meeting friends, finding new interests and finding yourself.

Why the Realm of Darkness and Realm of Light?

One purpose of this is to introduce more people to one another. Another reason is personal taste, they are both the same type of forum the option is to find where you are comfortable and happiest. You can belong to both as well I don't mind.
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